About Us

KJF Audio Limited is based in in the Warwickshire countryside, United Kingdom.
We have the vision of providing competitively priced quality custom loud speakers, DIY flat pack speaker kits and drivers to the DIY Audio community, as well as accessories and DIY parts to complete your speaker kit.

This website while acting as a shop front for us and for Mark Audio transducers aims to provide DIY Audio enthusiasts and OEM speaker manufacturers with a repository of knowledge and resources for the Audiophile who wants to develop their own speakers. The Mark Audio drivers are full-range, wide band and specialty drivers. They have a world-wide reputation for high end audiophile grade performance. We use these drivers in a range of high quality designs such as the Frugal horn and Frugal horn XL flat pack kits which produce an open and airy sound stage, only matched by significantly more expensive speakers.

We have a full CNC machine where we can accurately cut the panels for your speaker. We take a set of measurements from yourself and produce the cutting files for our machine that then make the cutouts, bevels and pockets needed to create the basic panels for folding into your finished CNC flat pack speaker kit. Some parts of a speaker require a more traditional approach than CNC, we have a full set of large tools to do whatever is required. For the finishing touches a range of veneering and finishing options can be catered for. For more adventurous designs we can offer a vacuum laminate service to create curved speakers should you require. Some customers approach us for a fully finished pair of speakers either to their design or by giving us a design brief to work to. We can take electrical and acoustic measurements of your chosen drivers, work out the box size you require, or start with a box size you need and advise you on the drivers that would suit. We can design crossovers or advise on active solutions and supply amplifier modules and plate amps to suit. We can accomplish most speaker related services in fact so get in touch for a quote.

The small but dynamic team at KJF Audio is made up of Stefan Whatcott and Charles Michie  Stefan is our main speaker builder with a degree in sound engineering and a passion for carpentry, he is here to ask any questions you might need answering for your up coming speaker build. Charles looks after the administrative side of the business, freeing Stefan up to concentrate more on what he is best at which is creating speakers.

Having gained a 1st class honors degree in sound engineering  20 years ago Stefan is well placed to bring together the mechanical engineering expertise of Mark Fenlon and audio enthusiasts around Europe and the wider audio community who want to build their own speakers.

Our team also includes support and consultancy from Mark Fenlon (British designer of Markaudio drivers) Dr. Scott Lindgren (Acoustic Design) and Martin King (Mathematics Modeling) along with a host of other local companies. We pride ourselves in sourcing local talent in all our products.

Markaudio started it’s relationship with Darren the former owner and founder of Oak Audio in 2013, after deciding to concentrate his efforts on one of his other businesses Darren stepped aside in the spring on 2016. When Stefan took over retaining the Mark Audio dealership was the most important aspect of the business, Mark Fenlon flew over from his home in Hong Kong to meet Stefan and a new relationship was borne to move the brand forward.

Markaudio is a audio speaker product design and manufacturing company based in Quandong Province, South China. Markaudio designs all its products “in house”. All the major components for its speaker drivers are 100% custom made. The company philosophy is one of continuous improvement. Markaudio enjoys a world-wide leading reputation for high performance top quality Full-Range audio drivers.

Originally founded by Mark Fenlon, a mechanical design engineer with 3o years of industrial experience in component design and function, the company has grown to include a variety of specialists in acoustic design and manufacture. Evan Yu joined the company in 2007 and now holds responsibilites for component supply and production. Evan is joined by a dedicated small team of technicians and assembly staff who individually produce drivers.

Markaudio driver design and operational functions are directly influenced with input from leading Japanese acoustic experts and mechanical component designers. In particular, Matsumoto San, Matsubara san and Ozowa San along with other leaders in loudspeaker function assist Markaudio to constantly develop product.

Dr. Scott Lindgren is known to Audio enthusiasts as  loudspeaker designer responsible for the Frugal horn range of DIY speakers and has produced a large number of highly-regarded systems for the commercial and custom-build markets, working both individually and as part of the Mark Audio design team. Enclosure and filter design is Scott’s main area of interest, but outside his work in speaker acoustics he is also works as a respected naval historian.